Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hermit.October 29, 2008

As most people I have a Flickr account and I found the most amazing painter there, her name is Caroline Philp, I dabble a little in paintings, and I know I am not a Art Critic, but this woman does such incredible work that it I just had to write it down so I wont forget it, I am getting worst every day with the forgetting thing that I have to remind myself of certain things in certain and different ways.
"Caroline" also here Blog name on here, were most of her wonderful paintings are and what she is up to. I can appreciate her work because I did a few murals and they are hard to do especially the way she does them, nothing contemporary with a few lines, no she is a detailed oriented woman her paintings hold so much emotions that when you look at her portraits you can feel what the person is thinking, her painting of the eyes are the window to the subjects sole. Her latest painting is a misty wood pass and when I look at the painting I can just loose myself in there, I can see the morning (for some reason it is morning to me) mist rising up, I can even hear the first birds singing, an insect fluttering by and the moist fresh air touching my skin, if a person can paint like this I have nothing but admiration for Caroline. These days there are not many artist's that can move me, most of what is called art today I would consider work from a mental institution, but for some reason people see something in there paintings, maybe I do not have the right eye or mind for what is called art today, it is the same with mosaic, I am a realist I do have imagination, but there are being millions payed for "stuff" because one rich person with no eye for art, said that is wonderful, and puff those become the stars of today. I belong to a mosaic group and brought that theme up once and trust me only once, I got hammered from left and right, but mostly from the ones that went to "art-school" what are they teaching in there? I don't get it, a piece of metal painted in a bright color is art? Well I am getting away from what, and whom I was talking about.... its called a scatter brain or at least thats what some people tell me, and I am starting to believe them. I am not getting out anymore so I have to believe it is true, my only contact to the outside world is through the internet if not for that I surely would be a Hermit.

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Caroline said...

I just found this, and I am so honored by your wonderful words. Thank you and thank you again. I wish I had known so I could have thanked you two years ago maybe!! Caroline.