Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good news

SAMA good news

I just have to write the good news to the world, even when I know nobody will read it, but I am bursting.
The biggest honor has happened to me as a artist, one of my works got invited to "The Museum of Man" in San Diego to the exhibit 2009 for Mosaic Artists, to think that there were 400 entry's from 7 countries and only 72 were excepted makes my heart jump and I am still walking like on a cloud and for some reason it has not sink in properly yet, I am still thinking they made a mistake and it will be taken off.

Now my publications will be a reality and I am a little scared, since I don't even have a studio anymore to show where I am working, (out on the back-porch) plus I have no idea in writing newspaper articles, but I know there are a lot of friends out there that are not selfish and they hopefully will help me.

Plus another shocking news, my ex-husband (the father of my child) called and wanted to know how I am, I am still wondering what that means.

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